The story of Heritage Baptist Church is a story of the grace, glory, and power of God.  Heritage began when God placed a vision in the heart of a young youth pastor and his wife in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In June of 1981, Mike and Nancy Edwards moved to Woodbridge along with their three children; Melissa, Christopher, and Joshua and founded Heritage Baptist Church.

On August 9, 1981, in the band room of Potomac Senior High School, Heritage Baptist Church was officially chartered, and the 40 charter members called Mike Edwards to be their pastor.  

In October of 1981 God worked a miracle for the young church.  He allowed them to negotiate a lease-purchase arrangement for a church building and three acres of land on Telegraph road in Woodbridge.  The church had a place they could call home and saw tremendous blessings as the church family grew.  

The year of 1987 brought great opportunities and changes.  The large outlet mall, Potomac Mills, had been built across the street from the church and the land had greatly increased in value.  The old site was sold to the Levitz Furniture Corporation and the church purchased an 18 acre site on Spriggs Road just west of Minnieville Road.  Heritage added new buildings, ball-fields, playgrounds, and pavilions to the church facilities so that Prince William community might be reached.

Through the use of preaching and worship Heritage strives to present the timeless message of Jesus Christ in a clear and relevant way.