Assistant Pastor /
Missions Director
  Mike Tangeman is assistant pastor and missions’ director at the church, and he also oversees the maintenance of the entire Heritage physical plant.  “God has been my provider and sustainer every day since He saved me.”  Mike earned a Bible degree and has been at Heritage for 28 years.  Prior, he served as a youth pastor, among other duties, in Tennessee and Ohio.

  His vision for the church:  To help spread the Word of God and biblical teachings throughout the community and around the world.  God has given us this responsibility and we must be fervent in our desire to see people come to know the Savior.  “Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ.” (Ephesians 3:8)

  Mike and his wife, Chris, live in Nokesville and have three children – Joel, Joshua, and Daniel - and seven grandchildren.  On a day off, you might find him tending his farm with the grandkids, or waiting patiently in a tree stand – looking for the next trophy deer.


Assistant Pastor /
  Brian Kosa serves as the principal of Heritage Christian School and lives in Woodbridge with his wife, Marianne, whom he counts as one of the greatest blessings of his life.  The couple has four children – Hannah, Laura, Cara, and Julianna – and three grandchildren, with another on the way!

  “Boatloads,” Brian said, when asked to list what God has done for him. “It’s just the tremendous provision when I least expect it.  My salvation and my wife – you can’t beat that.”

  Brian’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s of Science in physical education, a Master’s in Education Administration, an Education Specialist degree, and a Doctorate in Religious Education.

  His free time is spent hunting and playing golf; and his basic spiritual hopes are aligned with “being able to reach more people with the gospel” and “seeing people grow in their walk with the Lord.”


Assistant Pastor /
Music Director
  Tim Souza is an assistant pastor at the church, where he oversees the music, Sunday schools, outreach programs, and publications.  Tim also teaches high school choir at Heritage Christian School.  He and his wife, Trish, and their two dogs live in Woodbridge.

  Born in Connecticut to an evangelist father, Tim went on to graduate from Bible College with a degree in pastoral theology.  He was introduced to Heritage Baptist Church for the first time while serving with Neighborhood Bible Time.  God granted Tim and Trish the desire of their hearts as He led them to Heritage.

  In his spare time, he enjoys photography, reading, golf, trying out new restaurants with Trish, and teaching his adult Sunday school class.  Tim’s vision for Heritage includes finding ways “to spread God’s love, as well as encouraging others to share in the work of Christ.”


Sr. High Youth Pastor
  Kevin Cormican lives in Stafford with his wife, Melissa, and their two sons, Bret and Landon.  Kevin is the youth pastor at Heritage, as well as the athletic director, varsity basketball coach, and junior high teacher of English, history, and Bible.

  Kevin graduated from Bible College with a Secondary Education degree in English and a minor in history.  “God revealed to me in high school that He wanted me to work with youth,” but it wasn’t clear at the time if that mission was to take the form of teaching, pastoring, or coaching.  And now at Heritage, he’s all three – one of God’s blessings, Kevin said.

  Among his free time pursuits – few and far between, he joked – are reading and learning about history and sports.  His spiritual goals include being “a faithful husband and help to my wife, a godly example for my children, and a faithful servant to what God calls me to do.”


Junior High Youth
  Travis Satterfield lives in Woodbridge with his wife, Katie, and their two children, Hayden and Ashlynne.  He teaches high school level history at Heritage Christian School, serves as junior teen pastor and basketball coach, and spends his free time reading history, economics, and apologetics.

  Travis earned a degree in secondary education and is pursuing a Master’s degree in educational administration.  He has felt a burden to serve and teach youth since his own childhood days of attending his father’s youth programs.  Travis believes today’s teens face a grave danger – the inability to stand strong in “what God has defined as right or wrong,” leading to the loss of a proper moral compass.

  His spiritual goals are aligned with “an outgrowth of the burden that I already had for young people, for teenagers,” and points to God as the leader of his life:  “Through the ministry, God has just grown me spiritually.”


Business Manager
  Eric Bischoff has been part of the Heritage staff since 1994.  After graduating from Heritage Christian School, he went on to Bible College for a degree in pastoral theology.  He lives with his wife, Beth, and their three children – Abigail, Andrew, and Allison – in Woodbridge.

  Eric presently serves as the church business manager and the director of the Master’s Club, a youth group that teaches those 3 years old through 5th grade how to apply spiritual teachings in real-life situations.  Eric’s additional interests include soccer, running, and biking; he coaches soccer at Heritage Christian School and also plays in a men’s league through the Prince William County program.

  “For myself, I’d like to see my kids grow up to love God, and I want to continue to serve God.”



  Mark Bischoff is a church deacon and a Sunday school teacher, who also serves as the vice-principal for Heritage Christian School and an instructor in calculus, physics, and geometry.

  Born in New Brunswich, N.J., Mark graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark with a Bachelor’s of Science in chemical engineering, served in the United States Air Force, and then moved to Woodbridge, Va., where he currently lives with his wife, Cheryl.  The couple has two grown children, Eric and Jennifer, and seven grandchildren.

  Mark’s outside interests include woodworking – mostly in his home, but some of the results of his work can be seen at various spots around Heritage Baptist Church.

  His spiritual goals and aspirations are aligned with sanctification:  “I want to be more pleasing to God … and be a thorough witness to the community.”



  Rick Scarfi heads up the SEALS ministry – Soldiers Enlisted As the Lord’s Servants – to teach youth in grades 5-7 how “to serve the Lord in all aspects of their lives” and “how to win souls.”  He also teaches a Sunday school class for single adults in the work force, and math and Bible courses for Heritage Christian School.

  Rick serves as assistant basketball coach for the boys’ varsity team at Heritage, and in his free time, enjoys woodworking.  He lives with his wife, Sandi, in Manassas and they have three children:  Linda, Jenn, and Michael.  His biggest spiritual goal in life is simply “to be more like Jesus Christ.”

  “God completely changed my life.  My overriding philosophy in life is that today I want to be everything I’m supposed to be – for today.”

 Music Ministry

  Kevin leads the Heritage Baptist orchestra and also serves as a music instructor and Bible teacher in the academy, his first ministry since graduating from Bible College with a degree in missions, the Bible, and church music.  A resident of Woodbridge, Kevin describes himself as “just a music nerd, really,” who loves going to classical and band musical concerts.  He also enjoys reading and watching sports, especially football!

  Kevin has several spiritual goals:  “I have a desire to see more churches planted in the United States.  I would love to see Heritage send out more missionaries around the world.  And I want to be a part of that in whatever way I can … I’m open to missions, but the Lord hasn’t given me that special calling just yet.  I want to see the name of Christ lifted up in the city of Woodbridge, and I hope to help with that by being the right example in word, in conversation, and in charity.”

 Music Ministry

  David Hodges is a music teacher, with expertise in piano and keyboarding.  He’s been at Heritage for 25 years, and also teaches consumer math and Accounting at Heritage Christian School.

  David was born in Decatur, Alabama, and now lives in Dumfries with his wife, Judy.  They have a grown daughter, Carol JoAnn, and an adult son, David Jr., with two girls of his own.  Bro. Dave spends his free time reading, walking, doing puzzles, and honing his photography skills.

  “God’s been good to me, and I’m so thankful for my Christian family.  I would just like to have a stronger walk with God to be a better example for those I lead – a shining light, and not a hindrance.  I’m thankful for the shining light our church has been.”